Barrier posts for Lucerne’s Army Training Center

Canton of Lucerne places trust in BURRI bollards

Optical consistent barrier solutions for the Army Training Center in Lucerne

In late 2017, a number of BURRI bollards were installed at the Army Training Center in Lucerne. The site already featured a range of barrier systems, and the goal for BURRI was to adapt these and to integrate more practical as well as optically consistent solutions.

Uni Millennium bollards featuring bayonet twist locks and predetermined breaking points were installed at thoroughfare points. The stainless steel bayonet twist lock enables straightforward insertion into the encased ground socket, while the patented predetermined breaking point bolt is easy to replace in the event of a severe collision.

Uni Millennium Flex is ideal for locations where concrete plates have already been fitted. To fit the bollards, BURRI drills holes into the concrete plates, into which the internally threaded sleeves are glued. These are a substitute for conventional ground sleeves and are also more inexpensive because they do not involve excavation work. Thanks to collision protection and Flex-Tech, the bollards can tilt to up to around 10 degrees. In the event of a stronger impact, the bolt will break at the predetermined breaking point, thus preventing exorbitant costs.

All of the bollards are hot dip galvanised and anthracite powder coated, while white reflector tapes ensure strong visibility.