One Bench, various possiblities

BURRI 02 in the Immanuel-Kant-Park

BURRI 02 with simplified special elements based on the BURRI 02 product line

Vogt Landscape Architects required a robust as well as technically sophisti-cated and cost-advantageous bench solution for the Immanuel Kant Park in Duisburg, Germany. Above all else, the finished product would have to meet the many different requirements of the city of Duisburg. The Kant Park is the much-visited green heart of the city in the Ruhr region. As such, the park finds many different uses in the day and night time, and attracts sometimes less considerate groups of people.

BURRI impressed the city authorities with a new development that is based on the BURRI 02 product line. The result is an economically attractive bench family that is specially adapted to the requirements of the Kant Park, and which features curves of different radii as well as straight bench ele-ments. BURRI inspired all of the pro-ject participants for this solution with an on-site sampling, whereby the curved bench was especially well re-ceived.

The final step for BURRI was to set up the modular benches, curved benches and bench-table combinations in the park itself. The products are perfectly adapted to the sometimes rough envi-ronment of Duisburg’s urban park, and can brilliantly withstand the occasion-ally challenging conditions as regards vandalism and the like – all while re-maining a genuine eye-catcher.