Robust and functional waste management system in top design

Bundesterrasse Bern

Public Bin in the heart of political Switzerland.

In Bern, BURRI public elements was commissioned to furnish the terrace of the Federal Palace with its Public Bins. The entire furnishing concept of the exterior space of the government buildings was overhauled in the course of restoration. Together with technical services, waste disposal services and the Commission for the protection of cultural heritage, the Swiss Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics tested a range of waste systems, and ultimately opted for the BURRI Public Bin. The attractive design, robustness and easy handling of waste were decisive for the acceptance of the bid.

Due to the specific customer requirements, the Public Bin was produced for the first time in a 75 litre version. Optimisations to the design were undertaken in cooperation with the extrā firm of landscape architects. The enlarged opening ensures that bulkier waste such as food packaging can be easily disposed of. The lid and base are welded to improve robustness, and a specially manufactured triangle lock prevents the opening of the Public Bins by unauthorised parties. A new ashtray was also developed to match the high aesthetics and functionality of the current waste system.

BURRI is delighted to be able to provide an important service for both public officials, as well as students and passers-by, with the Public Bins for the Bundesterrasse. A simple and clean solution for waste disposal.