Advertising space across approximately 9 m

Branding wall for Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport now boasts a curved 9 m branding wall, which can be admired on the transit from Arrivals 2 to the centre of the airport.

BURRI was responsible for the engineering, project management, production and assembly.

In the run-up to the project, there was a lively discussion about the appearance of the branding wall, with a number of variants to choose from. These included a continuation of the existing installation as well as two straight sections. Ultimately, it was decided to attire the corner with slender curved glass, which impressively enhances the existing concrete structure.

The design and production meant that a number of challenges had to be overcome. Using a 3D laser device, BURRI measured the different ascent and descent gradients of the sloping floors, and precisely incorporated this information into the planning. Rounded plates as well as aluminium and silicone joints ensure that the backlit outdoor advertising remains sealed. The 8m-long advertising panel is easily interchangeable thanks to the integrated spring attachment, while the robust base pedestal is made of stainless steel to ensure resilience to external influences.

Zurich Airport features numerous product categories from BURRI. Signage, advertising technology, cordoning systems, stopping points and lighting.

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