Weather protection, lighting and lettering

Bicycle parking at ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich is looking to offer more bicycle parking facilities for the cyclists that come and go on their campus.

Under a ramp it was possible to convert the free space. The existing walls were removed and replaced with glass elements with the aim of creating a bright and weather-protected space for the bicycles and their owners. The effect is one of openness and generosity.

BURRI developed a strong and winning concept for the lighting and glazing, including lettering.

The alley that runs alongside the parked bicycles is well lit even at night thanks to the Bright Stripes linear luminaires mounted on the outside of the facility. These are controlled by an astrotimer, which switches the luminaires on at dusk and off again in the morning. From winter to summer, everything is automated. In the parking space itself, the existing luminaires were connected to motion detectors.

The glazing from BURRI was custom built according to the specific dimensions. The existing wall situation with its different heights and slopes is elegantly incorporated into the overall construction. The choice was made to dispense with vertical supports in order to increase transparency.

With its concept of glazing and intelligent lighting, BURRI is meeting modern requirements for a diverse range of security aspects.