The TIMO box supplies the bears with snacks, and information steles point visitors in the right direction

Arosa Bearland

TIMO has been proven to help prevent the stereotypical pacing about behaviour that is often displayed by bears. As a result, the bears spend several hours a day foraging.

The Bearland in Arosa was officially opened in August 2018. Napa the Bear became immediately acquainted with one particular BURRI product and the info steles have also fulfilled their intended purpose.

The aim of the TIMO (from TIerMOtivator – 'animal motivator') is to encourage the bears to move around more and not to simply wait for their food.

The Zurich Zoo has also put a similar prototype through thorough testing. Previously, the bears made their usual rounds every 10 to 15 minutes. Depending on the bear, the length of stay at the TIMO was somewhere between 5 and 60 seconds. As such, the feeding principle fulfilled its objective, and the TIMO remained undamaged and firmly in place until the end of testing. The TIMO for Arosa has been slightly adapted and is even more robust to account for the brown bears, which weigh up to 300 kg.

The box contains three food repositories, which supply portions of feed using a pre-programmed timer. The repositories are kept in place with an electronic magnet that also facilitates noise-free feeding. A battery enables the stations to be energy self-sufficient. These are charged independently using solar energy, making the stations even more environmentally friendly.

BURRI has adapted the information steles to meet the requirements of the client. These are now a perfect visual fit for Arosa and its surroundings. The steles are made of steel T-profiles and are hot-dip galvanised and stove-enamelled. They are divided into five sections. The cladding is made of aluminium sheeting, which is canted and covered with printed film. The middle section functions as a dispenser for flyers. This can be opened to enable easier refilling of the trays. The sturdy stainless steel plinth serves as protection against vandalism. Visitors can find directions on the information steles and can also take flyers with them. A short quiz gives children the opportunity to learn even more about the bears in Bearland.