Custom elements for concrete columns and large screen monitors at Bern railway station

Architectonic integration of digital advertising

In a project undertaken together with Kilchenmann AG, BURRI has planned, designed, manufactured and installed cladding panels at Bern railway station on behalf of APG Rail and Swiss Federal Railways (SBB).

Throughout, special attention was paid to the architectural design and the elegant as well as robust construction for the busy station area. The end result fits perfectly into the overall image of the station.

The special designs from BURRI serve as cladding for the concrete pillars and as supports for the large monitor steles. They provide excellent accessibility for maintenance and the supply and return air for the monitors, and there is also an inspection panel for the SBB power cables. The access panels are equipped with a lock, as requested by SBB.

In the ground plan, the cladding is polygonal. The wall mounts are adjustable, which enables calibration on two axes

All of the cladding panels are furnished with a stainless steel pedestal, which protects against damage from cleaning machines. On customer request, the pedestals feature an anthracite coating that matches the cladding panels.

Due to the different ceiling heights, BURRI designed the pedestals in such a way that they are all covered by the cladding and nevertheless level out to match the respective ceiling height.