Ultra-modern technology with a nostalgic charm

ALLEY LED wins over the heart of Andermatt

ALLEY - designed for Andermatt. It convinces with its retro look and LED technology.

In the heart of the Swiss Alps is the Andermatt holiday region, nestled in the high-alpine Ursern Valley in the canton of Uri.

Andermatt has a great deal to offer, whatever the season. Snow-capped mountains in the winter and flowering alpine pastures in the summer. 

In this special location, BURRI recently played an important role in the „Holiday Village Andermatt Reuss“ project. In this car-free zone, holiday guests and residents can stroll through pleasantly lit streets, by day and night. 

Already in the past, BURRI was responsible for equipping Andermatt Reuss with modern METRO luminaires. For the client – Andermatt Swiss Alps – these and other standard street lighting were considered a little too “en vogue” for the centre of the holiday village. Instead, they were on the look-out for something nostalgic to fit the character of the village, yet which still offered the cutting-edge in technology. This marked the birth of the ALLEY-LED luminaire from BURRI public elements. 

BURRI made sure to take account of the local weather conditions already in the production stage of the prototype. Accordingly, ALLEY can withstand strong winds and variations in temperature. 

The arched candelabra and drop-shaped casing are a good fit in the context of Andermatt Reuss. The warm-white 2200 K light renders the surroundings both pleasantly bright and pleasantly warm.