Happy Birthday to the Landi

80 years of the Landi Bench – The making of a unique birthday cake

The Landi bench has been an inherent feature of the Swiss cityscape since 1939. In 2019, it is celebrating its eightieth birthday.

A jubilee poster that tells the story of the Landi Bench and showcases the now extensive and diverse Landi family has been designed in honour of the iconic public furniture.

BURRI collaborated with Fréderic Dedelley, Martin Stoecklin and Lorenz Cugini in the design and realisation. One side of the poster, which takes its inspiration from Bauhaus graphic design, depicts the diversity of the Landi family with a wealth of background information. 

On the second side, the team – under the creative direction of designer Fréderic Dedelley – enjoyed an entirely free hand in its staging of the jubilee. The surprise was a success – a birthday cake with enormous attention to detail. A great deal of preparation, craftsmanship and horticultural skill was required to make the composition as authentic as possible, while numerous wheelbarrows of gravel, bark mulch, rolled turf, red-leaf barberry helped bring the jubilee Landi cake to life. In the end, a faithful shot was captured thanks to painstaking planning and the sharp eye of photographer Lorenz Cugini. The ‘making of’ photos say more than a thousand words. A huge thank you for the professional and rewarding cooperation.

Download jubilee poster (DE)

Quotes from the team behind the project:

«On its 80th jubilee, we offer our congratulations to the Landi bench, with a festive presentation and an overview of this design icon, which has grown to become a big family.»
Frédéric Dedelley – Designer, Zurich

«One is minded to say that the Landi Bench is the epitome of ‘beautiful form’. The fascinating product family is best presented with a design that is evocative of classic Swiss typography.»
Martin Stoecklin - Graphic Artist, Zurich

«It was a great honour to develop an idea for the jubilee of the Landi bench. And what better way to mark the occasion than to present the bench on a custom-made ornamental garden in the form of a giant cake? My warmest congratulations!»
Lorenz Cugini - Photographer, Zurich

«Distinctiveness stems from good design, loving craftsmanship and dependability over the course of a close cooperation. Owing to the great passion and creativity of the design team, the anniversary poster was a worthy tribute to the Landi bench.»
Martin Burri, Stephan Bachmann, Daniel Müller, Nadina Brazerol - BURRI public elements AG