A modernised waterfront – now furnished with BURRI Landi benches

20 Landi benches for the lakeside promenade in St. Gilgen, Salzburg

A lakeside promenade with stunning Alpine panorama and beautiful Landi Benches

The village of St. Gilgen is located directly on Lake Wolfgang in the Austrian province of Salzburg. The views of the lake and the idyllic Alpine panorama of the Salzkammergut region are nothing less than breathtaking. The community of St. Gilgen recently sought to modernise its waterfront and gave responsibility for this task to Studio Boden in Graz (AT). Today, the fabulous views can be enjoyed even more comfortably from the lakeside promenade, where 20 Landi benches are available for tourists and locals alike along the curved and gently graded embankment. BURRI is delighted that Studio Boden opted for this classic of Swiss outdoor furniture. The Landis feature native larch wood slatting and are characterised by their elegant graphite-grey frames.