moveART climbslide 4.9

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While adults will appreciate «climb slide 4.9» as an aesthetically designed play sculpture, children will see it as a small world full of adventures. Whether in the large or small version, «climbslide 4.9» guarantees not only fun but also encounters and movement.

All objects originate from a single form – the so-called double helix, the form of the DNA strands of all living things. They thus have an energising and harmonising effect on people and the environment. They are all manufactured according to European safety standards for playground equipment SN EN 1176 and are constructed using 100% ecological and sustainable Accoya wood, and have a minimum outdoor life span of 25 years. They are low-maintenance and resistant to vandalism.

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moveART climbslide 4.9

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Accoya® Accoya is a modified wood and sets new standards in terms of durability and sustainability.
Item no. THMOVE10000180