Bicyle bollard Uni Millennium with KABA 5000 lock

Bicycle bollard barrier posts with connection stirrups for bicycle locks

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Made in Switzerland

The Bicycle Bollard keeps traffic at a distance and provides convenient and secure bicycle parking. Thanks to our patented predetermined breaking points, no damage is caused to the base in the event of an accident, and the bollard can be easily removed with a key. With its timeless appearance, the bicycle bollard based on public bollard Uni Millennium is perfectly suited to high-quality architecture and space design. Bicycle bollards with predetermined breaking point can be combined well with concrete-embedded bollards of the same design. This facilitates the formation of flexible corridors for emergency vehicles, shuttles and administration, and secures sensitive areas in parking spaces and turning circles. ccessories in proven quality ensure durability and robustness.

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Bicyle bollard Uni Millennium with KABA 5000 lock