Pedestrian orientation in the city of Basel

After being in service for more than 30 years, the «Basel zu Fuss» pedestrian signposting system has been replaced by modern pedestrian orientation.

picture Signaletik Basel

BURRI public elements AG successfully completed the project in June 2017 in cooperation with SSA Architekten AG and Lengsfeld, designkonzepte GmbH.

The steles comprise a base element of robust steel and a dual-sided glass element that serves as an information carrier. The surfaces are powder-coated and graffiti-resistant. Glass elements are opened via a clever system of hinged vanes and a special key. Using sensors, the LED displays and graphics adapt automatically to the ambient light. Depending on requirements, the user can externally control the LED displays and in this way provide specific information about events and in emergency situations. Naturally, this is also possible in different languages and fonts. While the larger steles of types 1a and 1b display LED backlit graphics such as city maps or information on transport links, types 2 and 3 are used for the display of physical graphics. The type 2 and 3 steles can be dismantled, if required (e.g. for events).

In addition to practical functions, the new pedestrian orientation system is also identity-conferring. From this point forward, Basel-Stadt can enjoy a new and characteristic feature, which runs through the city like a thread.

picture Signaletik Basel 2
picture Signaletik Basel 1

German Design Award "Special Mention" in the category "Excellent Communication Design"
red dot Award 2018 in the category "Communication / Winner"
Iconic Award in the category "Innovative Architecture"

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