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Creating public spaces together

The BURRI Partner Network

We stay close to technology and the market thanks to many years of cooperation and partnerships with planners, engineers, designers and architects, as well as with academia and research institutions.

Alan 2013 - Loss of the night

ALAN (Artificial Light at Night) is an international conference on light pollution. The joint organiser of the event is the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, whose scientists used their "Loss of the Night" project to conduct the very first research into the causes and effects of increasing night illumination as a basis for modern and sustainable lighting solutions.

APG|SGA AG Out Of Home Media

Based in Geneva, APG|SGA AG is Switzerland's leading outdoor advertising company and is among the top ten in the world. BURRI has long provided the company with installations such as Citylights light boxes and & display cabinets and the popular Swiss Soleil poster panel system in support of its national expansion of analogue and digital advertising media in locations with high footfall .

Appert Zwahlen Partner AG

Schweizer Appert Zwahlen Partner AG has been dedicated to shaping of and with landscapes, nature and gardens since 1998. Working with partners in the fields of architecture, art, lighting design and engineering, landscape architects design green open spaces for a wide range of requirements, such as the outside space for the Guthirt Zug School House and the plaza of the SBB HQ in Bern.

Arbeitgebervereinigung Zürcher Unterland

The Arbeitgebervereinigung des Zürcher Unterlandes protects the common interests of it members in the sphere of regional industry and politics, promoting projects in support of regional development and new talent. Alongside various other activities, it provides employers with a platform for the exchange of information and experience.

Architekturforum Zürich

The Architekturforum, a remodelled art gallery in the heart of Zurich, gives an insight into the history or architecture, portraying contemporary architecture through changing exhibitions. A wide range of exhibitions, talks and seminars invite people to address the issues of architecture and urban design in a stimulating environment.

Architonic AG

With around 16 million visitors very year, the Architonic research platform is one of the three most popular web sites with architects and designers. Offering a transparent body of information for the wide-ranging architecture and design market, the platform has established itself as an international seal of approval for superior design products, architectural projects and materials.

BDA Bund Deutscher Architekten

The BDA has united freelance architects and city planners in their shared commitment to construction culture and the profession since 1903. It supports good quality training for the sector and is an advocate for the improvement of competition with regard to the fiduciary relationship between clients and architects through independent planning.

bdla Bund Deutscher Landschaftsarchitekten

The BDLA was originally founded in 1913 as the Bund Deutscher Gartenarchitekten. It does PR work and represents the interests of some 1,300 members in the arenas of politics, industry and administration. It also provides a platform for the exchange of experience and shared commitment. BURRI is also a member of the BDLA, promoting the annual BDLA Planner Forum, amongst other projects.

Bergauer AG

Bergauer AG has been developing and producing complex control and guidance systems for the traffic infrastructure, industry, building technology and public administrations for over 25 years. BURRI supplements this with individual traffic masts and signal bridges for the traffic-related assembly and safe relocation of traffic control system cables.

Billings Jackson Design

Founded in London in 1992, Billings Jackson Design is a product and industrial design company with additional offices in the USA. Its fascination for work tools and materials and exemplary design and manufacturing solutions can clearly be seen in its design for the signage at Zurich Airport and Hoch.Bau.Kasten® station infrastructure on the Zurich Glattalbahn rapid transport system.

BSLA Bund Schweizer Landschaftsarchitekten und Landschaftsarchitektinnen

Founded in Zurich in 1925, the BSLA is an association of 500 qualified Swiss landscape architects. It represents their interests in politics, the administration, industry and the public domain at national and international level. It also promotes the exchange of information on specialist subjects and commitment to the cultural heritage and social status of landscape design.

Christopher T. Hunziker

Christopher T. Hunziker is an architect, landscape architect and plastic artist rolled into one. Projects such as the light art at the Leutschenpark in Zurich and BURRI's City Bench Type A reveal his strengths in terms of shaping light, urban spaces and architectural space installations. He is head of the "Winterthur Architecture Forum" and teaches at various Swiss higher education establishments.

Clear Channel Schweiz AG

With a presence in over 40 countries, Clear Channel is one of the world's top outdoor advertising companies and has also been selling analogue and digital out of home media in Switzerland since 1924 . The company is number one in the country for advertising spaces at filling stations, POS and airports. BURRI has installed mega posters, large-scale light boxes and screen points at Zurich Airport to carry advertising.

Daniel Hunziker Design Works

Zurich product designer Daniel Hunziker has been running his own company specialising in furniture and object design, packaging for the 3D sector and room staging since 2011. He used his combined skills to design the furniture and color scheme for the Stockberg Hotel & Apartments in Switzerland. He designed the new version of the BURRI Landi bench famous throughout Switzerland and the Vivax seating system for BURRI.

Dr. Christoph Hunziker

Dr Christoph Hunziker studied electrical engineering and IT at ETH Zurich, also working on various development projects - for Bombardier Transportation AG in particular. He has been a research assistant and project head at the Institute of Aerosol and Sensor Technology at the University of Applied Sciences North-western Switzerland School of Engineering in Windisch since 2015.

ELASA European Landscape Architecture Student Association

Founded in 1990, the ELASA is an association for landscape architecture students, supporting them under an international collaboration with landscape architecture training organisations. In addition to events, workshops and competitions, it also provides budding landscape architects with a platform for working together and exchanging ideas and experience.

EMPA Eidgenössische Materialprüfungs- und Forschungsanstalt

EMPA, the interdisciplinary ETH research institute for technology development and material sciences, operates as a bridge between research and practice. Via the effective transfer of technology, research results are put into marketable innovations in collaboration with industry partners, boosting the competitiveness of the Swiss economy.

ETH Zürich

Founded in 1855, ETH Zurich is a pioneering player in the field of research and the transfer of technology to the world's leading higher education establishments for science and technology. With custom-made products such as the "wohnraum" LED standard lamp and the ETH glacier monitoring station, BURRI assist this prestigious university with a range of different research and sustainability projects.

FHNW Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz

Merged in 2006, the FHNW has a national and international focus and is one of the top higher education establishments in Switzerland. Covering the specialist areas of Engineering, Civil Engineering, Business, Art and Design, Social Work, Education and Music, the FHNW's nine prestigious Schools provide an environment for over 10,000 students to engage in professional training and further training, research and development.

FLL Forschungsgesellschaft Landschaftsentwicklung Landschaftsbau e.V.

Founded in 1975, the FFL is a quality assurance organisation for garden, landscape and sports field construction in Germany. In addition to running a discussion forum, 500 volunteer experts drive charitable initiatives for the promotion of science and research into landscape construction and development, producing sets of guidelines such as the "Sealing Bodies of Water“.

Flughafenregion Zürich

This business hub surrounding Zurich Airport is at the top of the list for national and international companies. To maintain competitiveness against international locations, Flughafenregion Zürich works with business, politics and the administration to unite and promote the region's strengths in an economic network of over 200 companies, 9 cities and 11 associations.

Frédéric Dedelley

The graduate industrial designer Frédéric Dedelley has run a workshop for product and space design in Zurich since 1995. In addition to design projects such as various items of furniture for the Atelier Pfister and the BURRI Landscape Collection for the MFO-Park in Zurich, he also stages exhibitions for various museums and institutions and teaches as a professor at the (art) schools in Basel and Lucerne.

Gewerbeverein Opfikon-Glattbrugg GVO

Since its foundation in 1949, the GVO has some 140 trade, industrial and commercial enterprises from the Opfikon and Glattbrugg areas among its members. It represents their economic, ideological and political interests to the municipal and cantonal authorities, ensuring training and further training for the next generation and providing a platform for orientation and exchange for current trade issues.

Grimshaw Architects

Founded by Sir Nicholas Grimshaw in London in 1980, Grimshaw Architects is now active throughout the world. It has won many international design awards for its prestigious architecture and design portfolio covering all areas of industry, including the Lubetkin Prize for Southern Cross Station in Melbourne. BURRI worked with its designers to develop the Public Poller System.

Hager Partner AG

Hager Partner AG has worked in the field of open space design for 25 years, its activities ranging from planning to post-construction maintenance. Form small private gardens to large urban parks and promenades, the main focus is on trees as a space resource for design spaces. They also continue to find the perfect setting for BURRO outdoor furniture in their national and international projects.

Handelskammer Deutschland-Schweiz

For around 100 years, the Handelskammer Deutschland-Schweiz has acted as a service provider, forum and number one contact point for all matters regarding economic relationships between Germany and Switzerland/Liechtenstein. Specialists provide legal advice for export trade, provide business contacts and distribution partners, help with finding locations and entering new markets and organise seminars.

Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst HGK

The HGK School of Design in Basel is one of the nine FHNW establishments. Offering a wide range of arts disciplines, it supports students with their conceptual, experimental, creative and production processes. The results of this creative activity include the "three-seat" bench, which was produced by BURRI and has been a feature of the combined "Arts Campus" in the Drespitz area since 2014.

HSLU Hochschule Luzern

Founded in 1997, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts is the biggest educational institution in Central Switzerland. Over 10,000 students dedicate themselves to learning, research and development across the Engineering and Architecture, Business, IT, Social Work, Art and Design and Music Departments. Young Art and Design students had to present their results to a team of experts at BURRI for evaluation.

HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil

Founded in 1972, HSR is part of the Fachhochschule Ostschweiz FHO, training around 1,500 students in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, Construction and Planning across its 16 institutes. HSR organises a "Rapperswil Day" every year as a forum for multidisciplinary contributions for established and budding landscape architects.

IBA Basel

The IBA (international construction exhibition) implements sustainable showcase projects from the fields of architecture, urban and landscape planning and culture over ten-year periods (currently 2010-2020). Under the motto of "Growing beyond the boundaries together", this cooperative approach promotes the development and cross-border agglomeration of the Dreiland area of Basel, enhancing the sense of "cohabitation".

Inclusion Handicap

Inclusion Handicap nennt sich der Dachverband der 23 Behindertenorganisationen der Schweiz. Die Vertretung der gemeinsamen Interessen auf nationaler und internationaler Ebene ist eine wichtige Aufgabe, die der Verband wahrnimmt. Ziel ist es, Menschen mit einer Behinderung ein selbstständiges, gleichberechtigtes Leben zu ermöglichen und ihnen einen angemessenen Lebensstandard zu verschaffen.

Jacob Johan Würtzen

Jacob Johan Würtzen and Sünje Rüter have been running their traditional business Rüter Würtzen Architekten I/S in Copenhagen since 1999. Specialising in product and furniture design, they imbue all of their objects, such as the Fredo leather chair by KEBE, with typical Danish charm. They took their inspiration for the BURRI Cycelog bike park bracket from the daily hustle and bustle of the capital of cycling.


JardinSuisse is the Swiss horticultural association, uniting 1,600 garden and landscape construction, plant production, tree nursery, horticultural and specialist businesses. The association represents the interests of the horticultural sector, offering members a wide range of services such as consultancy, advertising support and the certification of production facilities.

JCI Junior Chamber International

With around 200,000 members from over 100 countries, JCI is the leading organisation for young entrepreneurs and executives. This non-profit organisation launches a diverse range of national projects, helping young entrepreneurs to develop their skills with workshops, active networking and regular events for the mutual sharing of experiences.

Kai Flender

Kai Flender is an entrepreneur, architect and general planner who works on major projects throughout Europe in the public sector and industry, covering the areas of living space, interior and product design. He managed the construction project for the new BURRI production facility and was responsible for the overall concept for the Hoch.Bau.Kasten® station stop infrastructure for the Zurich Glattalbahn.

Kummler+Matter AG

With bases in nine locations, Kummler+Matter AG is part of the Alpiq Group. For over 100 years now, this Swiss technology company has been planning and implementing advanced energy supply and transport technology solutions throughout Switzerland and the world. They worked with BURRI to enhance the station stop infrastructure for the Glattalbahn with traffic lights, street signage and information panels.

LASKO Studierendenkonferenz Landschaft (BuFaLa e.V. | LASKO 2015)

LASKO promotes dialogue between higher education establishments and study programmes in the fields of landscape architecture and design within the German-speaking area - including outside universities. Students organise a conference for students lasting several days every year, where participants go on excursions , attend workshops and lectures on current professional topics.

Marcel Meili, Markus Peter Architekten AG

The joint business of Marcel Meili and Markus Peter was founded in Zurich in 1987 and places a strong emphasis on traditional hand drawings and architectural models. Their work covers a range of different scales and architectural areas and is mostly won through their successes in national and international competitions.

Nimmrichter Architekten ETH SIA AG

Founded in 2003, Nimmrichter is a company involved in the fields of architecture, interior design, corporate architecture, furniture and object design, such as BURRI's Plico bench system. Their projects have a timeless elegance and are stripped down to the essential: reinforcing the customer's identity. Their redesign of the Swiss Branch of UBS is a good overall example of their skills.

Nose Industriedesign

The industrial designers at NOSE, one of Switzerland's leading branding agencies, use their innovative products, such as modern accessories for Swisscom and various trains for Stadler Rail, to implement "tangible" brand experiences. And these creative geniuses opened up new dimensions for BURRI in terms of functionality and aesthetics with their METRO LED Lighting System.

ÖGLA Österreichische Gesellschaft für Landschaftsplanung und Landschaftsarchitektur

ÖGLA is the professional representative of Austrian landscape planners and architects, representing their interests and those of the IFLA in politics, business and the public sphere. It also sets the professional fee guidelines, organises national and international specialist conferences and further training and awards the ÖGLA Landscape Architecture Prize to students.

Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland (Fussverkehr Schweiz)

Since 1975 Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland (Fussverkehr Schweiz) acts as mentor for pedestrian friendly traffic developments and shaping and is actively supporting and lobbying in traffic debates to ensure that pedestrians are given enough space in cities as well as communities. As a national trade association it influences federal activities but is also represented locally through regional groups.

Planetage GmbH

The landscape architects at Planetage, founded by Marceline Hauri in 1998, are dedicated to planning green open spaces, buildings and urban development. For example, they combined their three specialist areas for the renovation of the outdoor area at the Lucerne Theater and designed the open spaces at the Zug city garden, where BURRI furniture also invites people to stay a while.

Prof. Nicolas Beucker

Graduate designer Nicolas Beucker is Professor of Public & Social Design at the University of Niederrhein (Design Department), teaching people and society-centered design. He has also headed research into requirements for urban furniture suitable for senior citizens. Based on these findings, he worked closely with BURRI to develop the Vivendi bench system.

PUSCH Praktischer Umweltschutz

The Pusch foundation actively supports unspoilt environments, the sustainable use of resources and habitat biodiversity. With the help of workshops and conferences, PR resources, exhibitions, publications and environmental education, Pusch provides communities, schools and companies with practical expertise and concrete recommendations for action for solving environmental challenges.

Raderschall Partner

The landscape architects at Raderschall, founded in 1990, apply their solution-focused garden culture to our changed living environment. Their biggest projects include the Seerosenpark in Horgen and the multi- national and international award-winning MFO Park in Zurich, where they took an old horticultural concept and translated it into contemporary architecture.

ryffel + ryffel ag Landschaftsarchitekten BSLA SIA

Since 1994, the two landscape architects at ryffel + ryffel have worked as a double act on the design of gardens, landscapes and open spaces for residential complexes, schools, sports facilities, cemeteries and temporary installations. Their projects include the temporary installation entitled "Le paradis du Flon" in Lausanne and the design of the Ahornplatz in Zurich, featuring BURRI picnic furniture.

Schweizerische Metall-Union

The Schweizerische Metall-Union is an employer and professional association for 1,800 national production, trade and service businesses in the metal trade and agricultural engineering sector. It supports and promotes its members in business and professional matters and safeguards the quality of training and further training.

SDA Swiss Design Association

Founded in1966, the SDA is the professional association for industrial design, textile and interaction design, design management and scenography. It is an excellent point of contact on the design scene, operating as a professional service provider, representative of interests outside the sector and legal adviser, promoting internal networking and exchange between members.

SLG Schweizer Licht Gesellschaft

SLG is committed to promoting the professional and integrated status of lighting and illumination. With this in mind, the specialist company provides up to date information on the confusing LED market, sets Swiss and European standards and guidelines, participates in the Swiss energy development program and supports members through conferences, training and further training.

Spielplatz Zone AG

Spielplatz Zone (‘Playground zone’) is an all-round consultant for children’s playgrounds, children’s play equipment and recreational facilities. With over 15 years of experience, the firm knows all of the applicable standards and safety regulations. From project and construction support, to approvals or inspections, as well as legal aspects – Spielplatz Zone is the right point of contact for fun and safety.

Spross Ga-La-Bau AG

Founded in 1892, the Spross-Ga-La-Bau AG horticultural company works on anything from simple private gardens to major projects, providing a full range of services from planning and design to maintenance work and tree care to large-scale planting and surface work. They use their GartenForum to display scenic natural spaces and garden culture that people can touch and use as inspiration.

Stadtgärtnerei Winterthur

Winterthur is a traditional garden city with a special emphasis on green spaces. In addition to free space, building and environmental protection planning, its own municipal nursery looks after the green areas in parks, school complexes, playgrounds, sports fields, highways and cemeteries.

Street Workout Place

Street Workout Place in Regensdorf is an indoor sports facility for functional power training using your own body weight. The training space includes urban park elements such as horizontal bars, parallel bars and wall bars to provide the motivation and flexibility to perform a wide range of exercises. Throughout, the focus is on shared enjoyment in creative sport for people of all ages – regardless of the individual fitness level.

Studio Beat Karrer GmbH

Beat Karrer is a Zurich product designer inspired by new materials, production techniques and everyday needs that are not being met. For example, he designed the innovative BURRI KickboardZ & SkatebboardZ parking system, solving an outstanding parking problem. He works as an adjudicator, but has also won several international awards for the unconventional but extremely practical objects he has designed.

Studio Hannes Wettstein AG

The Studio Hannes Wettstein in Zurich specialises in architecture, space installations, trade fair stands, furniture and object design. Their projects have won numerous awards, including the Designers’ Saturday Silver Award for their trade fair stand for Horgenglarus. Their designers worked with BURRI to create the RhB bench to be fitted across the entire Rhätischen Bahn network .

Studio Vulkan Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH

Studio Vulkan has combined the offices of Schweingruber Zulauf and Robin Winogrond Landschaftsarchitekten since 2014. Their projects in Switzerland and Europe emphasize the basic features of a landscape through the abstract, experimenting with its changing nature. The Oerliker Park in Zurich and the Museum Park in Kalkriese are good examples of their approach .

SVS/ASS Schweizerischer Verein für Schweisstechnik

The SVS/ASS is the Swiss center of excellence for the specialist fields of welding, joining and cutting. With international expertise from a broad network, the association offers consultancy, training, further training, material testing, inspections, certification and occupational safety services for welding technology from its HQ in Basel and national branches.

SWB Schweizerischer Werkbund

Founded in 1913, the traditional business SWB has around 900 designers, architects, artists, culture facilitators and experts from the design field. An important permanent contributor to the national design debate, it is active in the encouragement, promotion and re-orientation of premium quality and contemporary work from the fields of art, industry and crafts.

Swiss Ornithological

Die Schweizerische Vogelwarte Sempach ist eine gemeinnützige Stiftung für Vogelkunde und Vogelschutz. Die rund einhundert Mitwirkenden überwachen die einheimische Vogelwelt und studieren dabei eingehend die Lebensweisen von verschiedenen Arten. Auch die Pflege sowie Schutz- und Födermassnahmen spielen im täglichen Betrieb eine wichtige Rolle. Die Stiftung wird seit ihrer Gründung privat geführt.

The Association of Danish Landscape Architects

The association represents the interests of Danish landscape architects and is committed to enhancing the importance and status of landscape design to the public. The association is in close dialogue with other associations such as the IFLA, providing members with the latest information through newsletters, events, excursions and the periodical "Landskab".

tilo GmbH

Based in Austria, the international family owned and managed company Tilo has been producing premium quality flooring inspired by nature for dwellings, stairs and terraces since 1950, the major focus being on naturalness, sustainability, high quality and cost-effectiveness. Working with the IFA Tulln Research Institute, it developed the patented Natwood® product for increased protection for wood against the weather outdoors.


Founded in 1996, the Berlin landscape architecture company Topotek1 designs urban open spaces and works on urban development issues. Its experimental mix of different genres and typologies has won it many awards, including the "German Landscape Architecture Prize" and the "reddot Design Award Best of the Best" for the Superkilen Park in Copenhagen.

unit-design GmbH

The unit-design design company was founded in Frankfurt in the year 2000 and has since produced numerous installations and events for the public sector, such as the themed landscape at the Offenbach Weather Park. The creative team also has a major role in product and information design, working with BURRI on the design of the signage and information system for Messe Basel.

VDI Verein Deutscher Ingenieure

With around 154,000 members, the VDI is the biggest association of engineers and natural scientists in Germany. Representing their interests with a close eye on business, it has spoken on behalf of engineers and technology since its foundation in 1856, representing their interests in the national political arena and supporting its members and the next generation and promoting the technology base.

Vitra AG

The Swiss company Vitra AG has produced home and office furniture and accessories since 1950. Timeless products such as the "String" shelf and "Panton Chair" by prestigious designers are marketed through independent subsidiaries around the world. The Vitra Design Museum, one of the world's top design museums, gives a deeper insight into the multiplicity and importance of design.

Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten

Since its foundation in Zurich in the year 2000, the international company Landschaftsarchitekten von Vogt creates green oases of relaxation at the heart of urban spaces in Europe and the USA with its particular devotion to "nature in the city", including the Athlete's Village in London. The team worked with BURRI on the design of the BURRI 02 seating system for the Swiss national exhibition Expo.2.


Founded in 1990, VR AG designs and produces innovative traffic and communication technology for modern traffic management. As the first provider of OCIT® technology, it was able to combine different traffic technology components from different manufacturers in a single network for the first time. BURRI added the final touch to the traffic management technology with customised support structures.

VSS Schweizerischer Verband der Strassen- und Verkehrsfachleute

The VSS provides experts in the fields of highway planning, construction and operation with a platform for the exchange of experience and development of expertise with regard to sustainable transport and forward-looking infrastructures. This expertise feeds into the drafting of Swiss standards, reflecting technical progress in highway construction.

VSSG Vereinigung Schweizerischer Stadtgärtnereien und Gartenbauämter

Founded in 1964, the VSSG, sees itself as a center of excellence for public open spaces. Through conferences, workshops and the constant exchange of information, the union supports some 120 members with the issues of sustainability and ecology, urban tree planting, free space planning and the value of green facilities. The VSSG promotes its ideas actively in terms of public decision-making processes.

Westpol Landschaftsarchitektur

Since opening their offices in Basel in 2008, the landscape architects at Westpol have devoted themselves to the task of planning and creating urban open spaces such as boulevards, promenades and parks. They formulate their vision of the city of tomorrow as they engage with the wide range of contexts, topics and scales associated with their projects, such as the meeting place at the Leutschenpark in Zurich.

ZBV Zürcher Studiengesellschaft

Founded by a group of young architects, planners and lawyers in 1954, ZBV provides a platform for experts and other interested parties to engage in joint interdisciplinary discussions about current transport and construction issues Zurich area. Their regular events and excursions promote public engagement with urban planning and transport development.

ZHdK Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Merged in 2007, the ZHdK has around 2,500 students, making it the biggest University of the Arts in Switzerland. It offers study programs and research posts in the fields of design, film, fine arts music, dance , theater, transdisciplinary studies and art and design education. Work and findings are displayed at many of the University's own exhibition and event venues.

ZVS / BirdLife Zürich

BirdLife, the federation of Zurich environmental and bird protection associations, sees itself as "nature's attorney", supporting the cause of breeding birds and their habitats. Through the medium of various campaigns, courses, events and prepared information, it is committed to protecting nature and the landscape and promoting biological diversity in the Canton of Zurich.