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SkateboardZ – The Original

Longboard wall
SkateboardZ – The Original

The inexpensive skateboard rack for schools and public grounds

Skateboards and longboards have been regaining their popularity for quite a while. But there are hardly any functional and robust, yet still aesthetically pleasing, solutions to park or hang these practical modes of transportation in public or semi-private spaces. SkateboardZ offers precisely this parking opportunity and can be used alone or in combination with the proven KickboardZ stands. Boards can be simply hung up and secured with a padlock (with a long shackle) or a cable lock. With a variety of installation options, SkateboardZ are also easy to extend.

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Competencies deployed in development: 
Development and construction
Design and prototyping
Materials and technology


elegant, robust, durable

Kick scooters are used everywhere and are established as a simple way of transportation for children, youngsters and adults. The difficulty in providing an adequately functional, shapely and inexpensive parking solution easily to be used by all age groups is unsolved until now.
With its distinct graphical appearance, KickboardZ elegantly conforms to all these requirements and confidently blends into all environments 
Forget the challenging folding and hanging of the scooter with KickboardZ: Just slide the scooter in and secure with a bike lock if necessary. KickboardZ is made out of 3mm thick stainless steel. It is very robust and easily mounted in different ways.

Order and safety in public areas

Simple handling without the danger of injury

Kickboards are established as a simple and easy transportation means. However, their use may entail other problems on school playground premises, such as obstruction of escape routes, space utilization, theft and stumbling over scattered kickboards. KickboardZ is an elegant and secure solution, it brings order and safety. Just slide the scooter in and secure it with a bike lock it if necessary. Simple, secure and self-explanatory even for children.

"Form follows function" as prerequisite

Beneficial cooperation of designers and authorities

Together with designer Beat Karrer, BURRI tackled the matter and found a solution for the parking problem. Requirements and key features were defined together with authorities and teachers. KickboardZ obviously conforms to the requirements and prerequisites and with its simple form smoothly fits into every environment.

Inexpensive, robust and durable

Optimal space utilization thanks to varied layout possibilities

Attractive and functional design does not have to be expensive. Simple mounting, high-quality material, durable and maintenance-free construction as well as simple removal and re-usage guarantee low lifecycle costs long-term.
Since mounting the KickboardZ only leaves minor traces, it is easily and effortlessly moved, alternatively arranged or expanded. The space available is optimally accessorized and adapted to varying requirements.