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"Members introduction" series of events – hosted by BURRI

Zurich Airport Region

BURRI invites to visit the factory and offers insights into the history of "public elements"

The booming Zurich Airport Region and the Glattal are a unique location for national and international companies in Switzerland. The purpose of the "Zurich Airport Region" association, which was founded in 2011, is to develop and promote the location and to serve as a joint network for exchanges and mutual promotion in regional municipalities, commerce and politics. This time, the "Members introduction" series was held at BURRI public elements on 27 January 2015. After an early coffee break and a presentation of the company’s history and future development strategy, the 75 participants enjoyed a complete factory tour of BURRI’s new plant, including explanations of the materials and technologies, from LED technology in the light lab to the processing of steel and other metals in the production workshops.