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Vandalism at stopping points

Unfortunately, public places will often eventually fall victim to some form of vandalism. Thanks to many years of experience in the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of public facilities, BURRI has identified three vital aspects that can be utilised to significantly reduce vandalism and which also help to extend the lifespan of public elements – the furnishings and fixtures in public spaces. Thanks to this holistic view of the life cycle, BURRI public elements contribute to the improved overall economic efficiency of public spaces.

The three aspects are: quality - sacrificial surfaces - maintenance intervals & intervention speed

In a nutshell: The right choice of materials contributes greatly to preventing vandalism. In the event of damage, “sacrificial surfaces” made of easily repairable materials or straightforwardly exchangeable modules will always greatly simplify any necessary repairs. Public infrastructure that is inspected regularly and repaired immediately will be significantly less affected by vandalism than infrastructure that is “left to its own devices” following installation and commissioning. 

A recent service order underlines the practical importance of the third aspect of “maintenance intervals & intervention speed”. 

BURRI has been responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the Glattalbahn Light Rail stopping points for many years – a task that BURRI carries out on behalf of the company Verkehrsbetriebe Glattal (VBG). The Wallisellen railway station of the VBG was recently a victim of vandalism, and so BURRI was commissioned to replace the broken window separating the light rail from the train station within the shortest possible time, as well as to carry out the annual cleaning. The lettering on the rear of the stopping point was also renewed. 

For maintenance and cleaning at stopping points, it is necessary to observe various safety regulations as well as obtain the requisite permits. BURRI assumed the coordination of all parties, planned the assignment in full and obtained all necessary permits to ensure that everything ran as smoothly as possible. And because the work was carried out between overhead lines operated by Swiss Federal Railways and VBG, the crane used for replacing the glass had to be earthed – the lines are under constant high voltage at a range of potentials. Throughout, it was vital to ensure that passengers were not disturbed or affected by the work. 

The proper maintenance and cleaning of public spaces increases their appeal and greatly minimises the likelihood of further vandalism. With the BURRI service, it is no longer a challenge to maintain the quality and value of your public infrastructure. BURRI takes care of both the cleaning and technical maintenance of your public elements, thereby ensuring security, long-term low life cycle costs and practical utility in the public space.