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Nominations for two projects with active participation from BURRI.

Nomination for the German Lighting Design Award

BURRI is crossing its fingers for the gala evening and awards ceremony on 16 May 2019.

ETH Zürich

The Hönggerberg campus of ETH Zurich aims to connect science and industry with the general public. Students, researchers and visitors make use of the area both by day and by night. The lighting design firm nachtaktiv has now developed a minimally light-intensive concept for use on the campus in hours of darkness:

the LIVINGROOM luminaire, developed by managing director of nachtaktiv, Reto Marty, together with BURRI public elements. The end result of the cooperation succeeds in combining durability with weather resistance and good design.

Winterthur rail crossing

The linking of Bahnhofplatz, Sulzerareal, Archareal and Rudolfstrasse in Winterthur has transformed this former industrial zone into a new downtown area with ample space for the public and connections to neighbouring districts.

The underpass is equipped with INLINE linear luminaires, which serve as ‘wall washers’ and enable passers-by and cyclists to feel safe even at night. Two 45-metre custom light walls provide additional orientation,

While the SHINE illumination system lights up the natural stone seating opportunities with pleasantly changing colours. This play of colours is not only an eye-catcher but also invites passersby to linger.

The lighting design and concept are by Reflexion AG.