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service for real-time schedules and local information at stopping points

New digital service from BURRI

Stopping points are extremely well-suited for communication with users of public transport and members of the public. Information such as real-time schedules, local information, event information and much more can be displayed – all at the same time. Thanks to the new system from BURRI, all of these benefits are straightforwardly possible. The quick and uncomplicated flow of information to the local population is hugely important for local authorities and municipalities.

The Corona situation has underlined once again the importance of information that can be updated quickly and remotely. During the lockdown, local authorities and above all public transport companies advised the public if at all possible to obtain the latest timetable information online before embarking on their journeys. Local authorities and transport companies now have an easily operated and maintained system for the real time acquisition of timetable information as well as other important information for the general public. With easyDFI from BURRI, stopping points can offer more than ever before. Using the system, it is possible to pass on important information to the public in just a few minutes. Operation of the system is intuitive, meaning that even digital laypersons can orient themselves quickly and get on with the task of information distribution – no major introduction required.

The system is based online and can be accessed and modified from anywhere in the world. The real-time schedule and timetable information is obtained directly from Open Data Platform Mobility Switzerland and can be displayed on the desired monitor simply by selecting the relevant stopping point(s). easyDFI can also be used to publish videos and image data. Various layouts are available for screens, and these can be incorporated with the logo and colours of the local authority/ municipality for the clearest possible identification. The system can also be combined with offline data and interactions, e.g. QR codes affixed to stopping points or on printed timetables. When these are scanned, the user immediately receives the schedule and other information on their smartphone.

BURRI easyDFI can be integrated into existing stopping point infrastructure or ordered as a complete package, including shelter. BURRI offers the set with a high-quality outdoor monitor. It is also possible to control existing or own-procured monitors.