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Zentrum Wallisellen shopping and business centre boasts new and high-quality signage

BURRI signage for Zentrum Wallisellen

BURRI public elements has been awarded the project contract to upgrade the Zentrum Wallisellen shopping and business centre. With immediate effect, orientation in the centre is ensured by a broad range of signage products.

BURRI public elements is outfitting Zentrum Wallisellen with high-quality signage. Among other solutions, the outdoor area will be decorated with large illuminated pylons and foil inscriptions. Inside, orientation is provided by overview steles and a range of wall and lift information panels with individual level inscriptions. The underground car park features helpful signage solutions including ceiling danglers and wall inscriptions.

The BURRI signage in Zentrum Wallisellen is presented in black and green. The consistently applied colour scheme serves as an aid to recognition for the entire complex.