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27. März 2018

New lighting for the main and transverse hall of Zurich HB

BURRI luminaires for Zurich HB

The award was announced at the end of February, the contracts are signed, and now development can commence in earnest.

BURRI is delighted to have won the public tender from SBB Real Estate for the lighting of the main and transverse halls in Zurich HB.

BURRI is developing new luminaires for Switzerland’s busiest indoor space, the main and transverse halls of Zurich Main Station. The design revolves around the classic high-bay luminaire and will also feature distinctive large screening shades. Gobos will also be used to provide more focused illumination of individual areas.

Naturally, all installation work must ensure that passenger flows in the station remain unaffected throughout, and thus all activities will take place at nighttime. To avoid any disruption to the lighting of the halls, BURRI is installing the new luminaires in parallel to the existing lighting, which will be removed in the final stages.

BURRI is commencing with the construction, development and prototyping with immediate effect. Thereby, the assignment centres on the realisation of a functional, durable and low-maintenance luminaire with appropriate lighting characteristics – on time and within budget. A challenge for some, a core discipline for BURRI.