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Mai 2018

3daysofdesign and Design x Change featuring BURRI furniture

BURRI in Denmark

In collaboration with ZHdK, a number of specially designed Stella chairs were delivered in Copenhagen.

On behalf of the Swiss Embassy, ​​the ZHdK (Zurich University of the Arts) assumed the role of curator for the Swiss presence at 3daysofdesign (3doD). Thereby, the contact with BURRI came about through the ambassador, while the ZHdK was responsible for the development of the basic concept. From the outset, it was clear that the Stella chairs would function as central elements for the event, and were ultimately used as a form of signposting. The special design is of particular note. In keeping with the Swiss presentation, the chairs featured punched-out Swiss crosses in place of the usual dots. Over the course of the occasion, the Stella chair was admired and tested by around 2000 people.

To close things off, the 3doD hosted the event Design x Change, which was attended by around 5,000 visitors. Here too, the contemporary Stella seating proved ideal in both its standard and special designs. In addition to the chairs, the  moveART Skulptur family was likewise a hit among children and adults.

The Stella chairs and moveART family of products are now being exhibited in the garden of the Swiss Embassy, alongside numerous other Swiss design classics.