Lohsepark – Hamburg HafenCity’s “Central Park”

47'000 m2 memorial complex and green belt along the Elbe

Lohsepark is the largest green space in Hamburg’s HafenCity and is named after the famous architect Hermann Lohse.
Designed by Vogt Landscape Architects, the first portion in the park was built in 2013 and completed in 2016. The area is also a memorial site for World War II deportees and is located on the former Hanoverian railway station site. The unobtrusive open planting of the park gives an unobstructed view of the historical dock area along the Elbe. The park is laid out over several levels and, as is appropriate for such a large area, different variations on the endless ‘Long Bench’ by Vogt Landscape Architects offer numerous seating opportunities. This consists of a curved stainless steel frame that is fitted with solid HPL core panels with an exclusive pattern and can be extended at will.

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