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Public Light

Public Light small now is available with highly energy efficient, longlife Power LED with only 8W.

With Public Light small, BURRI developed a light system, which capitalises on cutting-edge lighting technology, reduces the maintenance costs and blends into any environment due to its simple elegance. Maintenance and cleaning requirements remain at a minimum due to the high-quality materials, high degree of self-cleaning of the lighting cylinder and durable electronic components.

The lighting cylinder is available in opal or clear acrylic 4mm with reflector. Through the patented fixing, the light cylinder is particularly impact resistant, furthermore UV-stabilised and thus has a long lifespan.

A drip cap reduces the pollution of the lighting cylinder significantly. Spiders and flies find hardly any contact surfaces.

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Bollards & lamp posts - LED in perfection

Energy efficiency, maintainability and stability

Lighting bollards and lamp posts for the outdoor space can be found in many varying designs. The lights have advanced less in regard to their energy efficiency and function. Even though, outdoor lights make particularly high demands on maintenance, resistance to vandalism and upkeep. During the development of BURRI Public Light LED the key criteria were: energy efficiency, optimum light distribution, radical reduction of "light pollution", resistance to insects and vandalism, minimum maintenance requirements and the aesthetics of the light cylinder with and without reflector. Under these specifications, with Public Light LED, BURRI developed a light, which capitalises on cutting-edge lighting technology, reduces the maintenance costs and is suitable for diverse architecture and environments due to its simple elegance.

Improved range of applications due to multifunctional solution

Minimum light pollution upwards with and without reflector

The internal stainless steel reflector with integrated diffuser distributes the light optimally across footpaths and in the useful range of the light, respectively. Direct upward light and thus light pollution is largely eliminated. With the LED solution the light shines from the top down and prevents light pollution upwards, even with the opal cylinder. Through the reflection of the ground reflector flaps, faces of passers-by, nevertheless, remain visible. The locking mechanism with only one clutch head screw in the cover permits quick and easy access to the light. Use of a specialist key by the customer prevents theft or misuse. This locking screw transfers a high pressure onto the light cylinder via the cover. That way the lighting attachment obtains high stability and resistance to impact without the usual weak spots.

Standard components and high-quality materials

Investment security, an issue for public and private clients

BURRI cultivates sustainability and energy efficiency even for 'small' solutions. They make an important contribution to the long-term profitability of the overall project. Light fitting and reflector are made from stainless steel. The standard components can be replaced easily due to the special lock. The feeder cable is connected with the light fixing inside the bollard through a plug. Thus the electronic element can be removed by releasing only 2 screws. This simple idea saves having to replace and rewire electric parts on site. The LED power supply is IP67, the electronic ballasts for all types are packaged in an IP65 insulating box to protect them from corrosion and variations in temperature. BURRI guarantees long-standing readiness to deliver spare parts with short delivery times for all of its products.

Sound design with high functionality

Optimum co-operation with designer, lighting engineers and manufacturers

Public Light was refined in 2009 with the designer Beat Karrer and specialised LED lighting engineers. The aim was highest energy efficiency with optimum light distribution, high efficiency and lowest possible light pollution. The light dispersion of the reflector with LED shows maximum reductions of the light pollution upwards. The light dispersion of the opal light cylinder resembles the dispersion of the FL-tube model with reflector.