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Modular system

Public Elements® that can adapt to changing customer requirements.

At the outset of a project for the public domain, it is often not possible to conclusively foresee the type of use of a park or public building. Or, user needs can change over the intervening years. In such cases, it is extremely helpful to be able to fall back on modular product systems.

By this we mean Public Elements® that can be extended, disassembled or converted – without compromising the design or effect of the element in the public space.


• More people utilise the public space than was initially assumed.

• Seating capacity is in need of expansion.
• More older people inhabit a public space than was originally foreseen.

• Parts of the installation require adaptation in order to be suitable for all generations.
• Users of a public space leave behind unanticipated waste.

• Waste systems in the same design language are required to be integrated.

This are just a few examples of how modular BURRI Public Elements® create clever solutions for the public domain.

BURRI Product finder:

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