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Minimal maintenance

The all-round worry-free Public Elements ®

Use in the public domain places great demands on the operational reliability and quality of Public Elements®. At first glance, seemingly inexpensive products quickly demonstrate their weaknesses in real-world use, and cost calculations soon become irrelevant because the operating and maintenance costs of products soon exceed the initial investment several times over.

All of our products have proven over a period of decades that, in terms of quality, form and security, they straightforwardly fulfill the high standards of use in the public domain. Even in the initial development of a new product, the life cycle costs – alongside design, functionality and security – are at the center of our thinking and actions.

Our product portfolio also contains models where we have gone even further in terms of low operating costs. Products that hold their own even in the most extreme use situations or climatic conditions, or which are greatly appreciated by customers who want to carry out little to no maintenance work. To help you find these items quickly, we have marked these with the BURRI ‘Minimal maintenance’ feature.

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