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Dark Sky

In the forefront against light pollution

Light pollution – Disruptive for people and nature

Light pollution refers to the artificial brightening of the night sky and the disruptive effect on humans and nature

The consequences of light pollution are manifold:.

  • Light pollution can seriously disrupt the lives of nocturnal animals. Migratory birds perish on their long journeys and insects die in large numbers.

  • Bright nights also impact plant growth. Flowering periods are displaced, which among other things can lead to frost damage.

  • Light pollution can affect human health in a variety of ways, of which sleep disturbances are just the beginning.

  • Lights that shine unnecessarily require energy. However, energy is far from free. Thus, whoever takes a sensible approach to lighting can save on costs.

The causes

Light pollution is a consequence of inefficient lighting. Lamps that emit light upwards or sideways cause a permanent brightening of the night sky, while inadequately shielded lights cause glare and distraction.

Dark Sky = No light pollution

The Dark Sky products from BURRI make a significant contribution to combating light pollution by enabling the specific control of light duration and intensity, by eliminating emissions into the sky or to the side, and by always using optimal shielding.

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