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Bench without backrest
RHB bench

Design in a historical context for railroad stations of the RhB.

Designed for the railroad tations of the legendary "Rhätische Bahn RhB", a Unesco World Culture Heritage. The RhB with the rail line between Albula and Bernina is one of the most spectacular narrow gauge railway in the world.

The ergonomic design of seating areas and backrests offer high seating comfort, even at low temperatures, without pressure marks. The object-compatible design and the special material selection of the seat slats, aluminium profiles with hard rubber coating (polyvinyl chloride, free of DEHP/Cd/Pb), result in weatherproof city furniture: lightfast and maintenance-free thanks to high degree of self-cleaning. 

Design: Studio Hannes Wettstein, Zurich


Optional Design & Materials: 
color base frame
Functional Options: 
with/without backrest
Mounting Options: 
with finished foundation (visible)
for bolting to site-side foundation / finished flooring
for setting on asphalt with special anchor
Special dowels for mounting on compact ground
Concrete foundation

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Design in the context of the RhB

The RhB benches were designed in cooperating with the design team of Studio Hannes Wettstein AG, Zurich. This cooperation made it possible for the stations to be fitted with modern seating furniture that simultaneously allowed for the requirements of nearly one million travellers per year, the tradition of the building and its aesthetic qualities. With the selection of material, the stylistic elements were guided by the technical vocabulary of this spectacular narrow-gauge railway and incorporate colour components that reference the special RhB red.