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Landi Seniors‘ Bench

The bench seat from the Landi model range, specially tailored to the needs of older people

The essential design and wood profiles of the Landi Seniors‘ Bench are based on the classic model from 1939. BURRI has adapted the seat height, inclination and seating angle, armrests and ergonomics in collaboration with senior citizens‘ organisations and other experts.

As well as the special construction, the smooth wood surface of the material is an important component that ensures optimal fitness for purpose. For example, assisted by the armrest, older people can sit on the front edge of the seat and then slowly shift backwards. Conversely, the design also makes getting up easier.

Durability and timeless design make the models of the Landi family a popular bench for public spaces.


Optional Design & Materials: 
various standard lengths
in various colors
color base frame
Functional Options: 
with/without armrests
Mounting Options: 
with finished foundation (visible)
with supplementary floor plate for free standing
for bolting to site-side foundation / finished flooring
with adapter / extension for invisible mounting
Special dowels for mounting on compact ground
Concrete foundation

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