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Curved bench

The well-established Landi with custom geometry

Are you looking for a curved or round bench with radii of your choosing? No problem! BURRI can manufacture your bench in the desired shape and geometry. Using the Landi system as a basis, BURRI is able to straightforwardly accommodate customer-specific requests.

Ash, larch or oak are steam-heated and formed around the previously finished moulds. Following the steam-heating, the wood‘s own glue (lignin) becomes soft and the wood is ready for bending. The lignin hardens again during drying and the wood remains tension-free in the desired form.

Optionally, the natural wood surfaces  (larch, oak) can receive a final finish with a pigmented oil, which helps to protect the natural wood against undue moisture in the event of rain and delays the natural greying of the wood. The oil treatment can be straightforwardly renewed every year without the need for time-consuming sanding.

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