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Steel- and metal construction

Broad production expertise

Development and production processes can be optimally coordinated thanks to broad in-house production expertise – for efficient interfaces and sustainable solutions.

Versatile expertise

At BURRI, experienced employees and flexible manufacturing processes offer diverse manufacturing possibilities. Our expertise extends from classical expertise in steel construction for large structural components and locksmithery to light metal construction, sheet metal treatment and machining of all common metals. This is combined with extensive know-how in the development and manufacturing of extruded aluminum steel press profiles.

Customized fabrication

Interdisciplinary and specialist knowledge allows optimal solutions in the choice of materials and production processes. In turn, this enables the development of custom-built items, including fixing details as well as individual shapes and designs with high architectural standards. Even smaller production runs are possible – always to the highest standards. 


BURRI City Lights - Info-stands
Customer information presented perfectly
Standard components reduce maintenance expenditure
Service and repair costs under control
Modularity as a consequence
Solutions with space for future requirements and developments
Low life cycle costs in the long term
An investment that pays off
Optimum design for artwork or advertising
Lighting technology combined with long-standing experience in metal construction engineering