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Small volume development and production

Systemized scalable production

With dynamic planning and flexible production processes, BURRI can manufacture standardized as well as complex products – on time and in high quality. 

Flexible manufacturing

Prototypes, single items or small volumes – all the way to mass production. With BURRI, customers benefit from the high scalability that spans our development know-how and our many years of experience in series production. Alongside our specialized staff, we attach great importance to a strong, reliable supplier network that can assist in taking single-unit productions to series scale.

Systemized individuality

Among other benefits, this enables the creation of special lighting designs with individual optics, or elaborate seating landscapes and circular benches with unique radii. This is accompanied by specific surface coatings or colors, custom-made small components and adaptors for transport engineering, or multifunctional columns including monitors and light boxes.

Design and function for versatile areas of application
Product and graphic design by «unit-design»
Rhätische Bahn benches - RhB
High recognition value - comfortable and durable
The entire service chain under control
Development, prototype construction, series production, installation
Effiziente Entwicklung und Umsetzung im Team
Erfahrung, Fachkompetenz und Einsatz von Systemlösungen