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Installation and maintenance

Coordinated teams and fast reaction times

From smaller, just-in-time orders to assembly management of large-scale, multi-phase projects with numerous interfaces.


Depending on the project, BURRI can also undertake installation, installation management as well as longer-term maintenance, picket services and cleaning – all from a single source. Coordinated teams of specialists provide professional, smooth implementation – also under tight time constraints and always with full consideration of all established safety precautions.

Maintenance and picket service

BURRI also offers maintenance services, from full system maintenance to rapid repairs following collisions or accidents. Our specialists in all fields deliver short response times as well as on-call services, on request. Either on a contract basis or as part of maintenance packages that are independent of service contracts.

Efficient cooperation in development
Efficient and precise installation
The latest technology is integrated in existing structures
A passion for detail and serial production go hand in hand
Production skills as the basis for professional installation
Investment, maintenance and service under control
The lifecycle vision demonstrates a responsible-minded cost structure
Airline desks equipped with BURRI illuminated signs
Extra-flat solutions enable efficient replacement of stock
Präzise Planung, Produktion und Montage Just in Time
Reibungsloser Umbau im laufenden Betrieb
Montage  des  Prototyps  auf  der  Geissweid
Effiziente Entwicklung und Umsetzung im Team
Erfahrung, Fachkompetenz und Einsatz von Systemlösungen
Montage der Sitzbänke vor Ort
BURRI hat über 250 Laufmeter Sitzfläche an der Europaallee montiert.