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Electronics and control technologies

Configure and control

Deployment in the public domain places high demands on electronics and control technology. Far-sightedness in component selection and in system design is a guarantee of long-lasting products.

Sustainable development

The development philosophy at BURRI incorporates the full life cycle costs from the outset. From straightforward installation to optimized components for long-term use, all the way to modular construction. This is combined with efficient maintenance thanks to well-ordered layout and plug connectors, and easily replaceable components.

Measure and control

Intelligent control and sensor technology, such as Dali, KNX, Powerline, Zigbee, DMX and project-specific configurations enable straightforward integration with comprehensive overall concepts. Extensive know-how in component interaction, our in-house testing laboratory with goniometer, interdisciplinary expertise and many years of project experience make BURRI products a long-lasting investment.

Dependability and energy efficiency
Shorten planning time through use of in-house system components
Energy efficient through smart controlling
Night time dimming, CLO (constant light output) and heat management guarantee longevity
Hohe Massstäbe setzen
Entwicklung hin zum optimalen Preis/Leistungs-Verhältnis
Latest technology enables remote maintenance
Setting of holding times, diagnosis and monitoring via remote control
Convincing solutions for the customer requirements
Technical innovation and planning of maintenance processes create added value
Standard components and high-quality materials
Investment security, an issue for public and private clients