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Design and prototyping

From 3D printing to full-material 1:1 prototypes

BURRI is happy to accompany customers as a sparring partner when choosing materials, functionalities and design. Thanks to closely coordinated workshops, we can develop fitting solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

Development and prototyping

BURRI draws on decades of experience in the marketplace and in production. We have the necessary infrastructure to take a successful prototype all the way to standardized series production. BURRI can offer all this from a single source – from materials procurement and production to delivery and installation. If desired, we can also undertake marketing and active sales.

Form follows function

From the look and feel to user handling, the prototype represents the crucial bridge between CAD design and a convincing series product. In the development phase, we work together with partners and designers to meet high design standards and to fulfil demanding requirements with regard to functionality and materials in the public domain.

Light engineering

Also in the area of lighting, we provide early-stage accompaniment for customers and lighting designers, for example in the planning and calculation of light distribution. An in-house development department with light laboratory can quickly produce fully functional on-site prototypes for light measurements and sampling. This helps to ensure optimum thermo-management, precise lighting and the right fixture details.

On the basis of models, numerous variants were assessed and optimised to perfection in order to achieve the best situation.
All control units and printed circuit boards were developed by BURRI and equipped with LEDs.
Prototyp auf der Geissweid
Städtebauliches Gesamtkonzept
Städtebauliches Gesamtkonzept
Maximum usability in continuous use
Easy, flexible handling for the exhibition operators and technical services
Specifications and standards as an opportunity
All user groups considered
Innovation and Competence through Networking
Developed with industrial microsystems AG and NOSE
Systematic safety
High usability – tested in real life
Comprehensive know how in engineering
Short implementation times and efficient system technology
Cost-effectiveness through intelligent design
Existing support structures can be used as before
Sound design with high functionality
Optimum co-operation with designer, lighting engineers and manufacturers
"Form follows function" as prerequisite
Beneficial cooperation of designers and authorities
New technology simplifies handling
Transfer of know-how from other company divisions
Planning, implementing and using value retention
A joint planning framework provides clarity
Design and implementation as a team
Design in the context of the RhB
BURRI Traffic Light Poster
Illuminated displays for tram and bus - reliability in any circumstance
Streamlined adaptation
From mega-project to individual infrastructure elements
Sustainability planned and implemented in detail
The planning hexagon of the VBG (local transport authority) provides clarity
Arrivals Zurich Airport
Public elements with high demands
Städtebauliches Gesamtkonzept
Perfekte Zusammenarbeit von Bauherrschaft, Architekten und Planern
Entwicklung mit Prof. Nicolas Beucker
Ziel: Mobilität und Eigenständigkeit erhalten
Grössere Flexibilität bei geringeren Life Cycle Costs
Flexibilität und Wirtschaftlichkeit dank intelligenter Systemtechnik
Prototypenbau nach Entwicklungsphase
Der Prototypenaufbau nach der Entwicklungsphase hat nochmals einzelne Verbesserungen für die anschliessende Serienfertigung hervorgebracht.