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Uni Millennium Smart Sensor

Uni Millennium Smart Sensor

The flexible barrier solution with smart features

The Uni Millennium Smart Sensor bollard determines if it is not standing straight or has been knocked over. It uses in-built acceleration and tilt sensors to detect changes in its position in real time.  As soon as the bollard has been knocked over, the information about the status of the affected bollard is sent to the portal and can be viewed there. If desired, this information can also be sent in real time by e-mail.  In the standard version, the built-in sensor additionally measures the temperature and humidity. Additional functions can also be programmed on customer request.

The Uni Millennium Smart Sensor bollard is based on BURRI‘s widely-used Uni Millennium and offers the same options that have already been tried and tested in this product family. The top is made of very robust plastic. The integrated sensor technology transmits data via LoRA (low-power WAN) to the Cloud. As the Smart Sensor has been optimized to transmit low amounts of data, it requires very little energy. 


Optional Design & Materials: 
various standard lengths
in various colors
Functional Options: 
3-sided lock
as bicycle bollard
with chain barrier
with bayonet twist lock
with double lock
with buried base
with base plate
with hand rail
with KABA 5000 lock
with reflector strip
Mounting Options: 
in ground sleeve with bayonet fastening
for setting in concrete
for bolting to site-side foundation / finished flooring
Special dowels for mounting on compact ground
Special base for shallow installation depth
Protective casing with cover
Bollard ground sleeve
Cover plate for ground sleeve

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