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Flexible bollard
Uni Millennium Flex

Flexible lockable bollard constructed with a predetermined break point

The Uni Millennium Flex barrier post is the flexible answer to leaning bollards. In the event of a collision, the Flex Zone deforms to prevent the bollard breaking and then returns it to its original position. If the impact is higher, the bollard breaks at the patented BURRI predetermined break point. As there is no damage to foundations, repairs are easily carried out and not expensive. A particularly useful feature is that the base piece is installed only 3 centimeters below the ground; a uniquely small measurement which is of great benefit particularly when bollards need to be moved after installation, as ground work is kept to a problem-free minimum. 

Outwardly, the Uni Millennium Flex resembles a bollard that has been embedded in concrete; the additional function is not discernible. 

The Uni Millennium Flex is available in four different versions which all offer their own benefits and advantages. Its simple design, which is based on the widely used Uni Millennium bollard, allows easy integration in any urban landscape.


Optional Design & Materials: 
various standard lengths
in various colors
Functional Options: 
as bicycle bollard
with chain barrier
with base plate
with hand rail
with reflector strip
Mounting Options: 
for setting in concrete
for bolting to site-side foundation / finished flooring
Special dowels for mounting on compact ground
Special base for shallow installation depth

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