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Although the company can look back on decades of experience in building infrastructure, BURRI is of the clear opinion that in the near future fewer technical installations will be required at bus stops than today. With this conviction, the entire experience and knowledge of bus stop infrastructure (HSI®), BURRI vreated the SMARTstop app, which received multiple awards at the Best of Swiss App Awards 2021. as part of the ZVV competition for "innovative steles".

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Passengers of all user groups have a need for real-time information. And everywhere, in the city and in the country. A complete physical conversion of the entire stock of stops with digital displays in the medium term does not make economic or ecological sense. Acquisition and life cycle costs of technical devices, supply lines and foundations are very high.

With the SMARTstop app, the existing, analogue passenger information, such as the current ZVV system Info76, can offer real-time information and extended functions for all user groups across the board with little effort.

The SMARTstop app modules communicate with the stele via integrated beacons. These beacons can be easily retrofitted at existing bus stops. In conjunction with the stele, the app delivers dynamic passenger information directly to the smartphone. The focus is on the provision of automated, stop and situation-related information. In contrast to travel-related public transport apps, the main focus is on the HERE and the NOW, i.e. the situation at a stop at the time of use.

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The individual app modules - especially those for visually impaired people - can be integrated into existing apps. By using Apple App Clip, there is no need to install the app on the iPhone. The use of buttons is not necessary, especially in times of Corona this is interesting from the customer's point of view.
Otherwise, the app has features such as real-time information, live traffic, a feedback function for reporting damage or information about services near a stop (e.g. ATM, public toilet, etc.) As a craft business and manufacturer of public infrastructure elements, BURRI is proud that the SMARTstop app received the gold award at the Best of Swiss Apps Award 2021 in the category "Innovation" and achieved in the categories "User Experience/Usability" and "Functionality" silver or bronze.

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