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traffic light poster
Traffic Light Poster

Illuminated displays for trams und buses – operational safety in all conditions

The first 400 displays have been installed in trams following an intensive development phase of long-term testing. Resistance to vandalism and high usability are crucial aspects of their implementation.

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Making of

Competencies deployed in development: 
Design and prototyping
Electronics and control technologies
Materials and technology
Development and construction

BURRI Traffic Light Poster

Illuminated displays for tram and bus - reliability in any circumstance

After an intensive development period the Traffic Light Poster was subjected to several durability tests in order to test its suitability for public transport. On the basis of these tests 400 displays have already been fitted in trams. The resistance to vandalism and the high usability are critical for its application.

Safety first!

Compiling the customer requirement specification

Strict fire regulations as well as safety standards for the overhead area apply for the passenger area in public means of transport. For this purpose every technical installation in a tram must account for electromagnetic compatibility, resistance to vandalism and complex technical requirements such as compensating for supply voltage fluctuations.

Convincing solutions for the customer requirements

Technical innovation and planning of maintenance processes create added value

A special characteristic of the Traffic Light Poster is its display with an overall depth of only 25mm. Its excellent luminance combines the advantages of cold cathode tubes and extra-flat micro-inverters on a 12 Volts basis. This technology is particularly suited for the installation and application in passenger cabins of public transport. With the application of the cold cathode tubes the service life and energy efficiency of LED - whose luminous intensity is not yet sufficient for use in trams at present - can almost be matched. 
Within only 24 months of being awarded the contract numerous prototypes of the BURRI Traffic Light Poster were developed, realised initially in small series and tested in endurance tests under real application conditions. Due to the very flat structure, the risk of injury is practically eliminated.

Collaboration with external specialists

Synergies for the benefit of the customer

BURRI succeed with technologically novel solutions and structural innovations time and again thanks to involving a large network of connections with specialists at home and abroad. Our aim: we want to find the best solution on the global market for our customers at all times.

Profitability thanks to superior design

High frequency of use, low maintenance costs, excellent energy efficiency

For public transport operators the sale of illuminated advertising spaces in the light of the prevalent cost pressure is a crucial source of income. These are also the primary arguments for the BURRI Traffic Light Poster: the uncomplicated installation and the easy design changeover reduce the overheads drastically. This also applies to maintenance and upkeep. The design without cavity prevents infiltration of dirt and insects. Cleaning measures are reduced to the exterior of the display within the scope of regular tram cleaning. 
Reduction of maintenance costs, easy installation and quick design changeover during the short standing times significantly increase the profitability of the BURRI Traffic Light Poster as advertising medium.