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Indoor stele with extra element

Information and identity in a functional design - for indoor and outdoor usage.

This mobile F4 twin-sided or triangular steles are used to provide additional event-specific information in indoor areas. The F4 subject and head sections are easy to change in seconds without any need for tools. These steles are particularly stable thanks to their heavy base, but are still easy to manoeuvre in all directions. Four special castors integrated into the base can be simultaneously locked for swivel and rotation by a single pedal. Easy handling, high mobility and smooth running are guaranteed at all times.

Serving to provide specific information on outdoor events and designed in the same style as the mobile indoor steles, the outdoor steles with their stable frame construction and exposed concrete base have been developed for installation in outdoor areas. The F4 poster frame and head section are easy to change without tools. Thanks to their massive concrete base, these mobile outdoor steles are resistant to overturning and particularly shockproof and stable during inclement weather. Fitted with hard rubber feet under their concrete base, the steles are easy to transport and position with a forklift or pallet truck.

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