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F4 freestanding
City Lights LK - lit display cases

Simple display cases for the public space with industry leading minimum overall depth.

Besides the Swiss central railway terminals, the BURRI Light Boxes LK are also encountered at Zurich Airport and in the entire public space in Switzerland. Fitted with the latest LED lighting technology, equipped with our BURRI Swiss Economy LED light dispersion module, the City Lights LK are convincing through their perfect light distribution at a minimal overall depth. The small overall depth as well as the frameless safety glass casements complies with the sophisticated design requirements in the public space.

The BURRI City Lights LK were developed specifically for the outdoor and indoor space with frequent design changeover and are suitable for locations with extreme weather conditions.


Optional Design & Materials: 
in various colors
logo & legend behind glass
white passepartout
Functional Options: 
with info-cube (top)
false truss
1 side light box / 1 side display cabinet
Mounting Options: 
site-side foundations with bracket at support
for bolting to site-side foundation / finished flooring
installation on substructure
incorporation in concourse or facade

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