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Bench with backrest
City Bench Type A

The ergonomic design of seating areas and backrests offer high seating comfort, even at low temperatures, without pressure marks.

The ergonomic design of seating areas and backrests offer high seating comfort, even at low temperatures, without pressure marks. The object-compatible design and the special material selection of the seat slats, aluminium profiles with hard rubber coating (polyvinyl chloride, free of DEHP/Cd/Pb), result in weatherproof city furniture: lightfast and maintenance-free thanks to high degree of self-cleaning. 

For long structures, benches with only one foot each can simply be added and mounted. Additions with backrest in both directions with dimensions between axes of 2m, or additions of benches with backrest and without backrest are easily possible. Thus fascinating seating configurations are created.

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Materials and technology
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Comfort and aesthetics with low maintenance costs

A new standard for seating systems in the public space

Within the scope of the Swiss National Exhibition Expo.02, a new bench system was developed for the garden in Murten, which was to set new standards for seating systems in the public space with regard to vandalism resistance, maintenance minimisation and seating comfort as well as design ergonomics. The bench system BURRI 02 was developed together with the landscape architect and at the same time general contractor. After the new materials and design had been tried and tested at the Expo.02 with excellent results, soon further prospective clients were to be found, such as the client Zurich Airport, who implemented the seating system on the sun deck of the new Dock Midfield. The BURRI-02-line with bench, chair, armchair and recliner is the most successful new development in the bench division of BURRI with a tradition of more than 70 years.

Design, engineering, prototype construction and manufacture in teamwork

We make design work

Partnerships with specialists are a matter of personal importance for BURRI, as it is the professional teamwork and the synergies of all involved, which make the solutions convincing with regard to design, construction and cost-efficiency. 
For this project as well, BURRI brought together specialists from many areas - landscape architects, architects, designers, design engineers, material and operations technologists - and finally realised a product "from one source".

Aluminium and hard rubber: a creative liaison

A new material combination creates added value

The BURRI-02-line combines special aluminium profiles with hard "rubber" profiles (polyvinyl chloride, free of DEHP/Cd/Pb), replaceable and recyclable, for seating and backrest areas. This innovative solution is possible due to our international networking in the technology markets. Specially developed aluminium profiles with hardening core and slide grooves assume the support function. The oval plastic profiles are slid onto the profiles. Slide grooves reduce the resistance when sliding on the plastic profiles and prevent distortion. Compared with wood the plastic MM-PVC surface is significantly more resistant to external influences such as cuts, scratches, blows, solar radiation and weather. Seating comfort and self-cleaning effect provide the perfect combination.

Superior realisation even with tight time targets

Planning reliability and process optimisation through prototype construction

The tight planning deadlines for the Expo.02 meant an accordingly tight time frame for BURRI in order to realise and implement groundbreaking innovation in compliance with the given requirements. For this reason already in an early phase numerous prototypes were built directly on a scale of 1:1. The target was to reliably test design, ergonomics, details, engineering, statics and materials. Only in this manner it was possible to guarantee the highest possible reliability regarding readiness for series production as well as minimal wear and tear and upkeep.

Keeping parks and grounds beautiful in a maintenance-free manner

Innovative detail design and selection of material make it possible

The seating system has been developed specifically for optimum usability and durability. At the same time its simple appearance is convincing all around. Thanks to the special surface of the seat and back slats any maintenance usually required for wood or plastic materials is made redundant. 
The "hard rubber coating" (polyvinyl chloride, free of DEHP/Cd/Pb), replaceable and recyclable, is lightfast and weatherproof over many years. Scratches, cuts and blows hardly leave any traces. Thanks to the high vandalism protection under normal conditions any upkeep is practically eliminated; the durability of the seating system is - the same as with other BURRI products - to be measured in decades.